3 questions to get you started on SEO

Do you know which keywords your business is targeting and why?

Most businesses don’t, at least for the “why” part.  But if you do, our first question to you would be to ask how it compares to your Google Ads keyword list?  Google ads are a great testing ground for SEO.  Keyword research tools are based on very limited samples and can be inaccurate.  Google Ads allow you test the actual volume, viability, and performance of keywords before you invest months climbing the ranks with your optimization strategy.


How comprehensive is your SEO Strategy?  Are you including Social Media?

Google’s formula is light years past just looking at referring links to calculate your page rank.  Social Media presence is proving to be a big part of top ranking websites.  Google Plus and Youtube should be your highest priority for obvious reasons, but Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn should also not be ignored.

A comprehensive SEO strategy includes keyword research, HTML and onsite keyword cleanup, content creation, link sculpting, PR and link building, and Social Media.


How are you tracking your success?

We have seen companies that have a sound SEO strategy, but have no way of gauging how well it is working.  Not getting accurate data or ROI on your SEO work will likely mean a slow death for your strategy.  Being able to accurately track your performance, and the performance of your competitors, is the key to long term success.  Management can quantify the value of the strategy, and this builds enthusiasm for the next wave of efforts, PR, link building, etc.

Gauging success is becoming increasingly difficult, as Google has started encrypting organic keyword data so that it is hidden in Google Analytics.  In addition, Google has started to tailor results based on device, location, and search history, making it hard to accurately quantify what your actual position is.  

Conductor is a revolutionary enterprise level SEO platform that allows us to track keyword and competitor performance on a weekly basis.  Their software not only enables us to gauge the effectiveness of our strategy, but it also acts as an SEO task management solution, and provides simple page by page recommendations for improving performance.  For a demo please contact us.