Turning Your Visitors Into Customers

At Big Tree Marketing, we are fanatical about increasing your sales and online leads through optimization of your website. Increasing conversion directly increases your bottom line. We use data to figure out exactly why your customers fail to convert, create solutions to their objections, and then stick our neck out on the line to prove that our suggestions increase your revenue. No more guessing, we provide measurable results.

Why You Should Be Concerned With Conversion Optimization:

  1. You get more customers for free

Without spending an extra dime on advertising you get more customers. Any extra money you spend on generating leads is more effective, because a larger percentage of those new visitors end up being your customer. With improved conversion, our customers suddenly find they are able to afford advertising that was out of reach previously.

  1. Improving conversion makes financial sense

Improvements to conversion rate go straight to your bottom line. A reasonable increase of 50% in conversion can have a huge impact on the profits of your company.

  1. Your customers will be happier

Our methods increase conversion because we create a better user experience. We help you address your customer’s objections and remove confusing roadblocks from your sales funnel. Happy customers both purchase now and come back to you later, creating higher lifetime profits per customer.

  1. Slight edge phenomenon / the winner takes all advantage

If you want to be twice as profitable as your competitors, you don’t need to be twice as good. By improving your conversion and being slightly more profitable per visitor you can widen the gap between you and your competitors until you take over the marketplace.

Note: If your competitors aren’t doing conversion rate optimization now, they will be soon and it can be hard to catch-up.

  1. Conversion increase helps SEO

Initially many clients contact us for SEO. Google and other search engines factor how users interact with your pages (or if they leave) into their search algorithms.


How We Create Wins for your business:

At Big Tree, we create measurable success for you. We do this by analyzing your business and creating solutions that will have the greatest and quickest impact. Our team can implement changes for you or we can work with your staff.

Company success is not a story of traffic buying; it’s a story of user experience.

Our Process:

  1. Identify goals:

A strategy requires a target to hit. We help identify your long-term goals and how you measure success.

  1. Figure out what’s happening on your website now:

We figure out (not guess) what parts of your business are underperforming and why. By approaching your business as a customer with a fresh set of eyes we identify:

  • Where your visitors are coming from
  • Where they arrive on your site
  • How they navigate your pages
  • Identify areas where changes will have the biggest impact
  • Define conversion funnels
  • Identify roadblocks in your process
  1. Figure out why visitors aren’t converting

Every business has interested customers that land on your website but leave before they “convert” to one of your goals. We identify different types of visitors, their intentions, and why some users don’t convert. The scope of our process ranges from identifying user experience issues that prevent motivated customers from converting, to converting non-persuaded users by identifying their objections and presenting strong counter-objections.

  1. Dumpster diving for details

We study your marketplace, competitors, and what your customers are saying on social media and review sites. We then conduct user surveys to gain insight into what you could do better. This helps us help you identify elements that would be highly motivating to your potential customers, but they aren’t seeing.

  1. Plan your businesses growth

Using the insights we gained through our in-depth research we can now create bold changes to grow your business quickly. The goal of every test is to double your conversion rate. A 20% improvement on a each step of a four page process will gain you twice as many customers. 

  1. Design your challenger pages

This is the step where most people start. Instead, we are going to use all the knowledge we’ve gained through our research to create powerful pages that convert. We will wireframe pages that are more user-friendly and answer your customer’s objections.

  1. Test our challenger pages

We test our pages and measure the results. Successful pages become a part of your website, continuously generating you profit. Each win creates new opportunities and insights such as titles and offers can be used in other campaigns.

List of services:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), landing-page optimization, customer-journey mapping – with A/B testing and multivariate testing
  • Analytics – traffic analysis and tracking
  • Usability Testing
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Website design
  • Optimizing products and services
  • Copywriting
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Mobile website / app optimization
  • Market research
  • Strategy planning